battlefield 4 campaign assignment unlocks

Assignments appear in Battlefield 4's singleplayer campaign. Unlike other assignments, singleplayer assignments are completed by scoring the required amount of points in each mission, and unlock various weapons to use in the singleplayer, making them available at Weapon Crates. A few of these, rather than unlocking
13.11.2017 -
13.11.2017 -
I didn't find out about the gun unlocks AFTER I finished the game and unlocked the M249, which I DON'T use LMGs in Battlefield AT ALL. Once I ... When I was done with about 4 games guess what, M249 unlocked! ... Last night i played the entire campaign, nothing past the first 2 assignments unlocked.
I was trying to get all the assignments for campaign done by doing all the endings in the campaign and when i did the final duty one it said i unlocked it but when i went to my assignments page its still not unlocked and i replayed the final mission again and still its not unlocked. All the others ones worked just fine but this one
CH3OCH3. Hi There dear Support Team could you please unlock me the P90 ? i Just finished the Singleplayer and gave the C4 to the Chinese Woman.. i got the Dog Tag for choosing here but i did not get the ASSIGNMENT. PEACE MAKER (CAMPAIGN). All i want is the **bleep**ING P90 thx in advance for helping me.
Battlefield 4 campaign assignment unlocks. Final Duty (Campaign) - Battlefield 4 Wiki Guide - IGN. bringer (silver): obtain 20,000 points in the singapore mission in the campaign. 12 000 points in the kunlun mountains mission in the campaign (1) there are many opportunities to perform melee kills in this mission. real kicker
There are other weapons that can only be obtained through the single-player experience. They are awarded ...
02.12.2013 -
weapon unlocks - battlefield 4: almost all weapons in battlefield 4's multiplayer are unlocked after using the same weapons class (campaign) assignment. Table of content game overview 3 campaign all assignments, their unlock criteria there are three different server types for battlefield 4. For assignments in battlefield 4's

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